Parker Williams repackages Royal

Parker Williams has revamped packaging for leading Indian sweet brand Royal, produced by Bombay Halwa, a subsidiary of Indian foods giant Noon.

The range will be stocked throughout Royal’s 40-strong chain of shops across the country. The brand is a firm favourite with Asian families, who are the primary audience for the update, which introduces a more premium feel and will provide a platform for any potentially broader marketing push in the future.

The brief was to clarify the brand’s positioning and modernise its packaging, which had come to seem quite dated, according to a Parker Williams spokeswoman.

‘The main aim is to increase the customer base within the Indian community, [but also] to establish a more premium retail presence,’ she adds.

Authentic Indian cues have been presented in a simple, but contemporary style, with colour-coding to differentiate pack sizes. The Royal logo is couched in a gold-coloured diamond ‘holding device’, while the product shots aim for a ‘precious jewel’ image.

‘The work will help to reinforce Royal’s position as the leading Indian brand on the high street, while opening up new opportunities within the premium retail sector,’ says Parker Williams creative director Tony Parker.

Design director Nicola Benn was lead creative on the project, working with designer Paul Dowson.

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