Speculate to communicate with HHCL/Red Cell book

OK, OK. So HHCL/Red Cell is an ad agency or marcoms thingy – what of it? It has produced a smart little book of brand speculations and got Marion Deuchars to illustrate it, alright?

It’s true you have to shoot images of your hand, wardrobe or household pet when you want to finish a roll of film, isn’t it? So why not ‘no more cats’ as a slogan for Canon Digital? Perhaps the idea that ‘only students and travellers’ use launderettes is a bit more contentious, but reinventing them as ‘pit stops for the globally mobile’ would have universal benefits.

As for repositioning the Donor Card as ‘that final chance for redemption’ (below), well, we could all do with some pre-Christmas resolution, couldn’t we? Foods for thoughts…

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