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Rodney Fitch is to return to Fitch Worldwide as chairman (DW 6 November), a job comparable with that he held at the consultancy he founded until 1994. What do you think he can bring to the much changed empire he now inherits?

‘Rodney is a true professional. He is enthusiastic, approachable and committed to design. I have worked for him and alongside him on numerous occasions and found his knowledge and statesman-like stature to be reassuring and commanding in front of audiences large and small. He will no doubt bring new ideas, boundless energy and enthusiasm into his new environment at Fitch Worldwide.’

Rasshied Din, Managing director, Din Associates

‘Rodney will bring to Fitch a vision of creating a focused, “retail place-making” design business, and (from Portland Design) an exposure to balancing the management of creative talent with the hands-on management of a design business. I suspect he will also establish a Fitch cricket team.’

Ibrahim Ibrahim, Managing director, Portland Design

‘The words of Deepak Chopra spring to mind: “Everyone has a purpose in life‚ a unique gift or special talent to give to others.” Rodney will bring back to Fitch some things that have perhaps been missing for a while: joy, clarity, direction, passion and hope. In other words: leadership. A real stroke of genius to reunite man and brand.’

Ian Cochrane, Chairman, Ticegroup

‘Rodney, as one of the founding fathers of the design industry, has always had amazing energy/ commitment both at a creative and at a business level. He has experienced more than most, having grown, floated and liquidated companies and reinvented himself on numerous occasions. It is this immense “lifelong” passion for the business I see as key to assisting bringing stability back to Fitch. It’s good to see he has come home.’

Paul Stead, Ex-chief executive officer, Fitch Worldwide

‘What Rodney will bring to Fitch Worldwide is gravitas and clout. This inspired appointment should do wonders for the spirit of the entire Fitch team and is a well-deserved endorsement of the very man responsible for the creation of the retail design industry in the UK.’

Callum Lumsden, Managing director, Lumsden Design Partnership

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