What would it take to get you to drive an electric car?

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Electric- and hybrid-powered cars are dull. Their appeal seems limited to celebrities, eco-pretenders and people who secretly hate driving. Only when something becomes available that is light, clever (visually and physically), swift and breaks the mould of the current car format will I give up my petrol-snorting, fun-filled speed wagon. Only when radical new design thinking sleeps with planet-saving technology will people engage, especially with something as emotional as their ride. We’re working on it.

Andy Davey, Creative director and principal, TKO Design


Range. It’s as simple as that. Whether it’s down to battery capacity or lack of suitable, fast recharge systems en route, we’re all stuffed by the lack of convenience, to date, unless we have a garage or drive and live no more than a few miles from work. That’s why hybrids and mybrids have gained favour. There’s also the style issue. It takes great skill to create a vehicle as hideous as the G-Wiz, but somebody managed it. Tesla, anybody?

Richard Seymour, Co-founder, Seymour Powell

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