What inspired me to become a designer?

My father is the sole reason for me becoming a designer. He’s been one himself for the best part of 35 years. Growing up surrounded by drawing boards, marker pens and brightly coloured paper had a dramatic effect on me as a young child. Plus taking part in – and always winning – the school Christmas card competition has embedded the passion for creative excellence firmly in my brain.

Ian Wills, head of graphic design at Clarks Shoes, introduced me to graphic design and consultancies such as Pentagram (and numerous D&AD Annuals). He taught me, from an early age, that design should not just look nice – it has to have an idea. Ideas stand the test of time.

This simple notion has remained the basis upon which I approach every design brief. I still thumb through the same design books I was introduced to as a child, and the search for that elusive pencil keeps me as inspired as I could ever wish to be. I think the examples of my father’s work shown here say it all – as old as me and yet still as fresh as a daisy.

Ryan Wills

Taxi Studio

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