PQQs are an opportunity to put your house in order

While your letters page has been filled with some interesting points about public sector procurement, I am tired of the collective moaning about pre-qualification questionnaires.

PQQs may be clumsy, but they are not a conspiracy to waste the time of creatives; their aim is to assess the suitability of potential suppliers.

We work in a service industry; it isn’t just about creativity. It’s time for us to stop demanding more time to do what we want, and start demonstrating an empathy with our clients.

We’ve completed three PQQs in the past six months. The process has been invaluable: a perfect opportunity to get our house in order.

If our clients want to ensure robust, long-term partnerships, then we applaud them; if the process forces us to examine our working practices properly, then all the better.

We were selected as a preferred supplier (by the British Council) after our first and we’ve been short-listed for the other two tenders.

Michael Smith, Managing director, Cog Design, London SE10

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