Ashleycarter joins Bloomsbury set

Ashleycarter has designed identities for two hotels in London’s Bloomsbury which will be unveiled at the end of November.

In addition to visual identities, Ashleycarter has been commissioned to create a website and promotional literature for each hotel, as well as overseeing a range of applications from soap and towels to signage.

The Harlingford Hotel and the Mabledon Hotel are owned by independent operator Andrew Davies, who handed Ashleycarter the£25 000 job without a pitch in May.

The brief was to reflect the different character and customer base of each hotel.

The Harlingford is a traditional-style hotel in a Victorian building, and is aimed at tourists, particularly from the US. The Mabledon is a more modern hotel, which is aimed at the business market.

Both identities had to incorporate an icon that could be used independently to represent the brand. The Harlingford identity is built around an armchair icon to represent comfort. The geometric lines of the Mabledon logo are designed to reflect the hotel’s shape and its location within the city streets.

The work is part of the overall refurbishment of both hotels and Ashleycarter has been working closely with freelance interior designer Natalie O’Donohoe on the project.

The range of graphics applications will be launched in November, the refurbishment will be completed by Christmas and Ashleycarter will create broch-ures for the hotels early next year.

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