The next Sign Design Society talk will be held on 26 September. Atelier Works partner Ian Chilvers will discuss the sign design process within a project team. Members attend free, and tickets are £7.50 for non-members.

Contact: Sheila Torrens on 01582 713556.

Venue: Railtrack House, Euston Square, London NW1.

The Times newspaper is changing its typeface livery and the designer Dave Farey will explain the design process at The Times are changing, on 18 September at 6.45 pm. Farey and Richard Dawson have created Times Classic, a family of 13 fonts which will extend the typography of the newspaper into the 21st Century.

Contact: 020 7353 4660.

Venue: Bridewell Hall, St Bride Printing Library, Fleet Street, London EC4.

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