The best inspiration finds you rather than you finding it. These letters inspire me because they are so ‘ordinary’ and uncomplicated. They engage me every day on my way to and from work.

Street artist Eine’s striking, bold and decorative typography illuminates what would be dull, functional shop shutters and scruffy facades around the East End of London, celebrating the area as one giant alphabetic canvas.

With individual letters and statements scattered around the area, it gives the impression that you are walking through some surreal, oversized vintage type book. The decorative slab serif letters seem to break the mundane uniformity of a particularly urban part of London, which appeals to my passion of simple, confident typography.

I work with brands every day, ensuring that they have a strong personality, and to me the letters seem to do the same for the local area, brightening it and making it feel more vibrant and lively.

It’s not deep, it’s not profound, just distinctive and graphic and – above all – unmistakable. Because of that it makes me happy.

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