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Inspiration can appear at different times and it is amazing the strange tangents from where it can pop up. Whenever starting a project, I completely deconstruct the context to truly understand the framework and parameters. Then I look for inspiration.

A current project I am working on has been inspired by Lucio Fontana’s Attese. It is so simple, but so powerful, how the incisions break the surface to create strong 3D forms. Another is inspired by giant rainforest leaves. The lack of sunlight on the rainforest floor forces the plants to grow these beautiful oversized leaves to get enough sunlight. Their supporting structures are amazingly efficient, yet so delicate.

One person who was a major inspiration when I first got into art and design at school was Constantin Brancusi. Two works that especially caught my eye were Madame Pogany and Bird in Space. His work is so pure and considered. Each piece is stripped down to essential forms.

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