Studio Output enlists artists for Playstation digital service

Jon Burgerman’s Burgerbrained theme
Jon Burgerman’s Burgerbrained theme

Studio Output has worked with Sony Playstation to develop The Studio, a new digital service which will allow users to download Playstation themes created by an international array of artists and designers.

Anthony Burrill, Jon Burgerman and Mr Bingo are among those who have contributed original artworks to the initiative, which has been curated by Studio Output creative director Dan Moore.

From today, gamers will be able to download static and dynamic themes – combinations of bespoke wallpapers and icon sets – for the Playstation 3 and the Playstation Portable.

Moore says the project came about after representatives from Sony Playstation, an existing Studio Output client, visited one of the consultancy’s Glug social events last year. Moore says, ’They liked the idea of bringing creatives together across disciplines.’ The consultancy has been working full time on the project since just before Christmas 2010.

Moore says, ’For a lot of people the Playstation has replaced the television and other applications and has become the main interface with the digital world.’

Studio Output worked to select a series of artists and designers to contribute to the project. Moore says, ’Initially, we looked to our network of collaborators. A big part of it was also to get people involved from key geographical areas for Playstation, such as Spain, France, Scandinavia and New Zealand.’

He adds, ’In terms of the type of work we were looking for, it had to be something that would resonate with gamers and that they would be able to connect with. There were obvious things like skull motifs, for example.

Studio Output’s Play theme
Studio Output’s Play theme

’Also, when you get something up on a big screen you realise how much it changes. Themes with a good contrast between dark and light worked particularly well, for instance.’

Studio Output and Sony Playstation developed a list of artists they wanted to contribute and Studio Output worked with them to develop the ideas for the platform. Moore says, ’One of the things we were at pains to tell contributors was that we wouldn’t be massively art-directing the project.’

The consultancy worked to develop the themes – for example, by rebuilding them using Java Script and 3D to make them appropriate for the platform.

The themes will all be available from The Studio, on the free-to-access Playstation network. Some themes will be available for free, with others costing €1.49-2.99 (£1.30-2.65). Individual artists will receive royalties from the sale.

A total of ten themes will be available as of today, with more launching on a weekly basis through The Studio. Studio Output will have an ongoing role in curating and developing the project.

Moore says, ’The challenge for us is to keep pushing what can be done with the technology, as well as working to get more artists involved – including those from other areas, such as fashion and fine art.’

Some of the artists involved in The Studio

  • Jasper Goodall
  • eBoy
  • Jon Burgerman
  • Maharishi
  • Anthony Burrill
  • Mr Bingo
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