14 August 1997


Architect ORMS has transformed the lower two floors of a 19th century building in London’s Covent Garden, into a bar for Lord Bradford. The bar, called Porters, is next to

Running interference

Quora rival Wacom has brought out eight pressure-sensitive plug-ins which work with such as Photoshop, Painter, Corel PhotoPaint and others – and of course the Wacom tilt and pressure sensitive


Winners of the Pentagram Gallery Awards, selected from work at the Association of Illustrators, Images 21 last year, will be on show from 18 August – 26 September. Illustrators Ian

A clockwork wind-up

First there was the clockwork radio, now there is the clockwork computer. No, it’s not a wind-up. Trevor Baylis, the inventor of the aforesaid award-winning wireless, is planning his latest

Londis cola by Design House

Convenience grocer Londis has introduced an own-brand cola with name and packaging by Design House. – The pack features the US national symbol, the bald eagle, to convey the American


Throughout the Edinburgh Fringe Festival a number of events are taking place including the jewellery exhibition Dazzle, being held for the 14th time. On show will be work by 46

Team Saatchi gets terminal

Team Saatchi’s identity for the PayPoint project, which enables payment of electricity, gas, water and telephone bills at petrol stations and retail outlets, launches next month. PayPoint terminals will be

In the frame

Version 5.5 of the cross-platform Adobe FrameMaker suite has just been announced and will be available in a month or so. The company claims the new version includes improvements in

Dream on and on…

Ray Dream Studio 5, the 3D app, is now billed for, probably, September, courtesy of new owner MetaCreations. Hope it’s a bit cheerier than the lacklustre beta version being hawked

Magic marker

Quora are less well known than they should be as manufactures of excellent tablet/pen combos. Now they’ve brought out this fascinating whiteboard. There you are fighting off an attack of

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