JKR sweetens import brand for Cadbury’s

Cadbury’s is importing two new chocolate brands to the UK. Astros have been brought in from South Africa to rival Smarties. Jones Knowles Ritchie redesigned the packs to make Astros more appealing to British consumers.

The round sweets are targeted at older children and teenagers who make up a third of Britain’s snacking sector.

“They will be available in a single flip-top package size and it will be purple,” says Cadbury’s brand manager Julia Parkhouse.

JKR is one of several design groups which works regularly with Cadbury’s and worked on the packaging design of the Fuse bar introduced in 1996. The consultancy was hand-picked for the Astros project pitching.

“JKR is not a retained agency,” says Parkhouse. “We’re free to deal with several design agencies and use whoever we want.”

The other brand will be Yowie, an Australian chocolate egg.

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