Polygram Films helped to top by winged figure

Polygram Films is introducing an identity for screen and print to help the company rival the established motion picture studios.

The Picture Production Company in London is designing the identity after presenting more than 100 different versions. It won a four-way paid pitch against one US and two UK groups.

The marque is based on a famous generic deco figure from 1929 called Victoire, or spirit of the wind. “We are trying to give it a human quality and a sense of timelessness. We want to look as if we emanated from the golden age of movies, instead of being the new kids on the block,” says Polygram Films senior vice president creative David Livingstone.

Polygram Films is a division of Polygram Filmed Entertainment. The new logo will be applied to all PFE’s divisions, such as Polygram International, but not to the record arm.

The winged figure is semi transparent and is intended to exude grace and elegance, Livingstone adds. It will appear on screen for all Polygram’s film releases.

“In the US we have a wealth of products coming through our new distribution entity, Polygram Films,” says Livingstone. This is the first time the company will have the chance to sport its own logo on major films.

The 12-second sequence is scheduled to make its debut next month at the beginning of Polygram Film’s release of The Game which stars Michael Douglas.

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