14 August 2008

The rise of online-only exhibitions

As museums start to experiment with online-only exhibitions, Yolanda Zappaterra looks at the empowering potential of Web-based media to turn visitors into virtual curators, while offering access to material often

Design vision for Covent Garden

Covent Garden London is looking to the power of design as part of wider plans to help it reconnect the area with a London audience, ahead of the 2012 Olympics.The

Toon in

Crikey! Who’d have thought The Beano and The Dandy were 70 years old? The sibling comics may be publishing veterans, but Dennis the Menace, Roger the Dodger and the cow-pie-eating

Negotiating the digital maze

All businesses, from small design groups to FTSE 100 companies, face the same challenge: how to manage the problems and opportunities presented by digital technologies. Managers need strategies to tackle


After a stellar dual career designing book jackets and editing graphic novels, Chip Kidd has little to prove – so he’s written two novels. Simon Creasey asks him about storytelling,


What’s the best piece of design work you’ve seen around the Beijing Olympics, and why? I believe the most dramatic designs at the games are the bold architectural statements seen

Inspired, Joise Harold, Dirty Design

Think of a number, any number. Numbers play an integral part in our daily lives and have been truly inspirational throughout history. Without numbers, the world today would be a

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