14 August 2008

The rise of online-only exhibitions

As museums start to experiment with online-only exhibitions, Yolanda Zappaterra looks at the empowering potential of Web-based media to turn visitors into virtual curators, while offering access to material often hidden from the public eyeOnly a decade ago, galleries and museums had barely begun to realise the potential of the Internet and digital technology. Few […]

Mothercare Essentials redesigned by NB Studio

Mothercare is set to relaunch its Essentials range, with a new name and packaging design by NB Studio.The parenting store appointed NB Studio to redesign its own-brand product range last November. There was no pitch, the consultancy having worked with Mothercare since 2004.The range is renamed Don’t Forget and features an illustration of an elephant. […]

Silk Pearce campaign funds cancer care centres

Cancer support organisation Maggie’s Centres has named Silk Pearce as its lead creative consultancy, as the Scotland-based charity prepares to build five new centres in England and Wales.The charity has strong links with design – its five existing cancer advice centres have been created by architects including Frank Gehry, Richard Rogers and Page & Park.Maggie’s […]

Design vision for Covent Garden

Covent Garden London is looking to the power of design as part of wider plans to help it reconnect the area with a London audience, ahead of the 2012 Olympics.The developer, part of Liberty International Capital & Counties, will set out a multimillion pound vision involving the ‘improvement of the public realm’, and an overhaul […]

British Film Institute to host Onedotzero

This year’s Onedotzero festival, Adventures in Motion, will be underlined by a Citystates theme. Held at the British Film Institute on the South Bank in London for the first time, the annual festival celebrates the latest developments across moving image, digital and interactive arts platforms.This year, the main event is preceded by two weeks of […]

Toon in

Crikey! Who’d have thought The Beano and The Dandy were 70 years old? The sibling comics may be publishing veterans, but Dennis the Menace, Roger the Dodger and the cow-pie-eating Desperate Dan feel like eternal small boys. Their graphic creators, Dudley D Watkins, Leo Baxendale and Ken Reid, among others, amused umpteen children (circulation topped […]

Negotiating the digital maze

All businesses, from small design groups to FTSE 100 companies, face the same challenge: how to manage the problems and opportunities presented by digital technologies. Managers need strategies to tackle this. They need to adapt their culture, reorganise and grab the opportunities.The digital revolution is on a par with other scientific revolutions. Internet technologies have […]


After a stellar dual career designing book jackets and editing graphic novels, Chip Kidd has little to prove – so he’s written two novels. Simon Creasey asks him about storytelling, and art directing his own coversWith his smart pastel-coloured shirt tucked into neatly pressed trousers, Chip Kidd doesn’t look like ‘the closest thing to a […]


What’s the best piece of design work you’ve seen around the Beijing Olympics, and why? I believe the most dramatic designs at the games are the bold architectural statements seen in the stadiums, probably none more so than that seen in the National Aquatics Centre. I love the fact that the inspiration is based on […]

Get the details right to create the perfect picture

I’d been away for two weeks and on my return I picked up the two issues of Design Week that I had missed out on. I was met by the usual mix of informative news and thought-provoking discussion. In fact, I was quite enjoying grabbing ten minutes catching up on what I had missed out […]

It’s time to start treating co-design as an opportunity

I read with alarm the comment ‘Watch out: co-design is as big a threat as free pitching’ (DW 17 July). Co-design is not about getting members of the public to do designers’ jobs, it’s about drawing stakeholders into a design process facilitated by designers. It’s about mitigating risk, improving success, generating buy-in and ownership, and […]

Inspired, Joise Harold, Dirty Design

Think of a number, any number. Numbers play an integral part in our daily lives and have been truly inspirational throughout history. Without numbers, the world today would be a very different place. No computers, no magnificent buildings and no commerce. When you think about it, numbers really are at the core of everything.My love […]

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