Blazon creates Wordblind pack

Design consultancy Blazon has designed the brand and packaging for new board game Wordblind, which claims to “re-invent the concept of board games”.

The game is played by contestants given the first letter and definition of a word, who must then guess the word correctly. To differentiate itself, the board itself is constructed from movable pieces which are shuffled up each time to change the pace of the game.

Blazon has created book-inspired packaging, reflecting the literary nature of the game. The box is designed to stand erect on a bookshelf “like a large dictionary” and features the name vertically on the spine.

Creative director Joanne Kape says the consultancy was briefed to create a brand that would convey the simplistic nature of the game. “We aimed to create a visually eye-catching graphic that may require a second look to make sense but would be instantly recognisable,” she says.

She adds that as Wordblind is not confined by traditional retail restrictions – it is available on-line at from this week – the packaging could be more unconventional. The website is also designed by Blazon.

Wordblind junior and genius editions and additional card sets are planned for Summer 2001.

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