Effective brand experience engages all the senses

With reference to your VoxPop on ‘brand experience’ (DW 24 November), all marketing is about how consumers ‘experience’ brands – whether the message is delivered on a screen, in print or face-to-face. It’s not only words and images which change people’s behaviour, it’s the personal experience they have when seeing, reading, hearing, feeling or tasting a brand.

The simple fact is that the more of these senses a brand engages at any one time, the more likely it is to influence behaviour. And that’s why everyone is suddenly waking up to the importance of brand experience in the marketing mix. To consider brand experience simply in terms of exhibition or retail design is missing the key point. It’s about total sensory communication – in any environment.

With growing consumer sophistication and cynicism, today’s brands increasingly need to prove the truth behind their claims. Most forms of marketing leave too many questions unanswered because they only reach a limited number of senses. But a brand experience can reach them all, proving the reality behind the perception.

Brand experience isn’t a ‘flavour of the month’. It’s an inevitable evolution driven by consumer demand.

Ross Urquhart

Managing director



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