New in-store look for Safeway

Safeway has announced it is to roll out a new in-store concept, following the reopening of its store in St Katharine Docks, east London, where the new concept has been unveiled. Design group Radius has developed the identity, while Campbell Rigg Design is responsible for the interiors.

“The broad concept is likely to be rolled out but the St Katharine store is a test bed,” says a Safeway spokeswoman. “We are initially revamping stores in the London area and we plan to roll out over the UK after that,” she adds.

The reopening of the St Katharine Docks store sees departments renamed, new typefaces introduced, colours used to segment areas, and commissioned photography to reflect the “best at fresh” mantra which Safeway is using to position itself. The look and feel that is trying to be achieved is that of a local market.

“Everything we are doing is based around the strategy of local marketing,” says the spokeswoman.

“Getting the best at fresh message across was Safeway’s top priority,” confirms Radius account manager Rachel Williams, who says that the consultancy is working on some London stores at the moment and will be involved in a rollout programme.

Radius, which is on the Safeway design roster, gave a new look to the in-store environment through the use of graphics, photography and point-of-sale material. The group also addressed other visual areas of the business, such as lorry liveries.

“We’ve always worked on smaller projects as far as Safeway is concerned. This is a major overhaul,” adds Williams.

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