CDT squares up to branding work for School of Pharmacy

The School of Pharmacy, University of London has undertaken its first major rebrand and is relaunching with a fresh visual identity by CDT Design.

London-based CDT was appointed to the rebranding project in May following a four-way pitch. The brief was to design a unifying identity for the organisation that promoted its position as one of the leading schools of pharmacy in the UK.

The consultancy worked closely with an internal team at the university, headed by newly appointed principal and dean Professor Anthony Smith. The identity has been redrawn to include a graphic of a square in reference to its nickname as ‘The Square’. It also includes visuals of various molecules produced by the image division at the school.

The traditional crest is being scrapped from the main identity, but will still be retained for use on official documentation such as graduation certificates.

The updated visual language is being applied across the school’s range of communication material, which includes brochures, magazines and prospectuses. The identity will also appear on a revamped website and signage throughout the school.

‘We wanted to reflect the vibrancy of the school and create a modern, more contemporary identity,’ says Neil Walker, managing creative partner at CDT.

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