Racy lingerie brand is counting on its overt name

Another brand of naughty knickers has come to our notice.

Frankly, Design Week hacks are still reeling from Coco de Mer’s orgasmic advertising and Myla’s coffee table sex toys.

However, this latest example made us sit up and take note because it has chosen such an overt name.

Not many people are likely to know Coco de Mer is the name of a palm with gonad-shaped fruit from the Seychelles, but who can pretend not to know what a 69 is?

Apparently, 6ixty 8ight (sic) is nothing to do with the old joke about ‘owing you one’. Oh no, in Feng Shui the number 68 symbolises a long, healthy, rich life.

We believe you. Thousands wouldn’t

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