Temporary hotel designs for Shoredtich

Architect Tim Pyne is planning to open a temporary hotel in London by the end of this year called M-hotel.

The M-hotel brand (pronounced motel) is a development of Pyne’s M-house – the ‘upmarket prefab’ house/office which he developed seven years ago.

His design is for a hotel that can be moved, or taken apart and used as separate units after it has fulfilled its initial purpose of housing business people who work in the City.

His first M-hotel design will be built just metres from Shoreditch House, on Sclater Street, in London E1.

Working alongside Pyne, who is creative director of M-hotel, are Fiona Mackenzie-Jenkin, who is managing client liaison, and production designer Tim Stolzenburg. The landscaping will be by Nicola Lesbirel.

Pyne is also in discussions about how the design could be adapted for use in Africa.

He says, ‘It can be difficult to get hotels built in Africa because the country has strict building regulations, but because the building is temporary it could be taken apart after being used as a hotel and the separate units could be used to house families.’

In Shoreditch, the aim is that the M-hotel can provide a place for businesses to house their workers for longer than is practical in an average hotel.

The 500m2 hotel will include 32 units that are 4m wide and 12m long, and if the demand for space increases, Pyne adds that the building could easily be made bigger. He says, ‘The M-hotel will be made like a series of steel-framed boxes that slot into a frame and can then be dismantled and used for something else.’

Work on the M-hotel in Shoreditch will start in the summer and should be completed by the end of the year.

When the site becomes due for permanent development, the M-hotel can be taken apart and Pyne hopes it ‘could be used as sheltered or temporary housing’.

The outside of the hotel will be ‘similar to the outside of a bus’ in that it can provide advertising opportunities.

Prefab Facts

• M-hotel designed by architect Tim Pyne

• The first will be on Sclater Street in London’s Shoreditch

• The hotel will contain 32 units and each unit will be 4m wide

• The units could be used in the future as temporary housing solutions

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