The bottom line is more important than client feedback

In response to Jan Casey’s article regarding client feedback (DW 31 January), I feel that while it is important, it has to be intertwined with a form of measurement that focuses on the bottom line.

In the face of economic downturn, marketing and design has traditionally been axed from budgets because the financial directors are not concerned with the client/supplier relationship. They are only bothered by return on investment. As a result, transparency in reporting and an increased focus on return on investment will become ever more imperative. This is where experiential design and marketing groups will fail, as there is no uniformity or standard form of measurement.

So, while feedback is essential in building a deeper relationship with clients, it is more important to justify our existence by focusing on the bottom line and reporting results in relation to the original brief. Money talks and if we do not drive this subject, there will soon be no clients to give feedback.

Gary Fox, Managing director, 2heads, by e-mail

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