Charity promise by Lambie-Nairn

Lambie-Nairn has created the identity for Children’s Promise, a new millennium charity initiative. It comprises seven of the UK’s leading charities for children, and aims to launch one of the biggest ever fund-raising campaigns.

Barnardo’s, BBC Children in Need, Childline, The Children’s Society, Comic Relief, NCH Action for Children and the NSPCC have all committed to share equally funds raised to leave “a lasting legacy for children”, says a Children’s Promise spokesman.

The identity features a “hand on heart” symbol, and will be used on all campaign and promotional literature.

“The Children’s Promise identity needs to appeal both to children and adults. The new identity will differentiate it from all other millennium initiatives. The hand on heart image is a recognisable illustration of ‘I promise’ and will hopefully stimulate a similar response from all those who see it,” says Lambie-Nairn founder Martin Lambie-Nairn.

Marks & Spencer has pledged a 1m donation to kickstart the appeal and the New Millennium Experience Company, operator of the Dome in Greenwich, is supporting the cause through its brief to unite the nation during the millennium celebrations.

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