Edge joins ad team for royalties system

Design group The Edge has merged with advertising group Grounds Morris to form a new communications group, with plans to introduce a film-style royalties system of payments to the design world.

Positioned as “communications designers”, Edge/GMC launched last week with 30 staff. The London group plans, alongside conventional projects, to originate brand or product platforms on the basis of royalty payments rather than straight fees. This will allow it to take a stake in the future success of its work.

“We want to create a business that in the medium to long term develops a capital value,” says Edge/GMC managing director John Evans. “It won’t be easy to structure, but we’re looking for innovative clients,” he adds.

Evans says certain types of client, such as new-launch brands or products will be most suitable for the approach. “With existing brands it would be difficult to measure the effect of design,” he says.

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