Board restructure after buyout at product design group The Alloy

Staff at Surrey-based product design consultancy The Alloy have completed a buyout of the company.

The buyout has been accompanied by a restructure at board level, which has seen former managing director Nick Vessey become a non-executive director, and former director Nina Warburton leave to become head of customer intimacy at Philips.

Jim Blyth has been promoted from principal designer to managing director, and Darren Mullen is joining the consultancy from Kenwood to become principal designer. The board is headed by chairman Gus Desbarats, with Vessey, Blyth, Matt Plested as director, and senior designer Ben Griffin elected as employee representative.

Desbarats says, ‘When Vessey and I set up the company ten years ago we were always keen to get it to the second level and create something lasting. The original business plan always had this as a long-term aim, it’s something we’ve been working towards progressively.’

Desbarats says the new working structure was finalised at the end of December 2009, having been under development for about a year.

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