Designers in need of speed must go karting

Does a design industry ‘three-hour endurance karting race’ make you think Formula 1 or Cannonball Run?

Creative Action Design intends to find out with its second go-karting event and is looking for budding Pete and Duds, Terry Thomases or Eddie Irvines to brave the Milton Keynes Daytona Karting circuit in the name of, well, fun, really.

Creative Action designed the the hospitality pavilion at the circuit. So we’re sure the design group will be hoping the go-karting designers will appreciate their surroundings.

A £400 ticket ensures the entry of a team, prize money, food, refreshments and even a Kart Challenge T-shirt, and 1999 participants included Seymour Powell, Deepend and Attik.

‘The design industry is notoriously bad at mixing,’ says Creation Action managing director Ian Silverstein. ‘If nothing else, the karting brought together consultancies and broke down barriers.’

Let’s hope no physical barriers are broken down. Interested parties should call Ian Silverstein on 01727 799999.

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