Gemini IV

Apollonian quest

Finding ways of expressing the experience of being out in space is far from easy, but Yolanda Zappaterra is impressed by an exhibition in which astronauts provide words to go with images of the Apollo missions of the late 1960s and early 1970s

Manolo Blahnik

Conspicuous creatives

Being a designer isn’t considered a proper job in some parts of the Middle East, where there’s too much money floating around for there to be any real need for innovation and entrepreneurship. But there are clear signs of this changing, says Clare Dowdy

The Weinstein Company

Alive and printing

Is print still turning heads the way it used to? Design Week asked a handful of leading designers working with print about its vitality, the digression to on-line and the growing question of sustainability. Here’s what they said

Birds Eye cod

JKR sees Birds Eye brand through

Birds Eye is set to relaunch its identity and packaging, with the help of Jones Knowles Ritchie, in a bid to change consumer attitudes towards its health credentials.The cross-category frozen food brand has spent £25m on marketing and advertising throughout 2006/07 in a bid to change public perceptions, and is hoping the new packaging will […]

Cardiff Design Festival targets the business market

Celebrating the best in Welsh Design, the 2007 Cardiff Design Festival is approaching its final week of exhibitions, seminars, talks, awards and parties, and is set to close on 30 June.Festival director Olwen Moseley says, ‘Over the past two years we’ve achieved our goal of bringing the Welsh design community together, but now we’re in […]


Penguin launches design awards

Penguin has announced the winners of its first annual design awards, launched earlier this year to bridge the gap between British design students and the publishing industry.Korean-born Ara Youn from the London College of Communication won first place for her sparse, graphic jacket design of Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink, which used a double-layered cover and contrasting […]

Reise ins asiatische tuwa

Active duty

The fruits of German Modernist designer Jan Tschichold’s clean, typographical style are all around us today. The clean, asymmetric sans serifs he evangelised as ‘the new typography’ remain the de rigueur face of much corporate type and his redesign of Penguin Books in the late 1940s is a landmark. But it is Tschichold’s early and […]

Cracking the Chinese puzzle

Design is set to follow manufacturing to the Far East. But, asks Jonathan Biddle, do the benefits of doing business there outweigh the risks?

Fly eye

Profile: Tom Barker

Industrial design professor Tom Barker worked on the London Eye pods, and his side project, the SmartSlab, has made him a millionaire. Scott Billings talks to him about heroes, hard work and the digital future

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