Small, yes, but shy? No, just confidential and loyal

Having read with interest the Top 100 survey, we have to pick up on the point about product design consultancies being small and shy.

We’re small, yes, but we’re definitely not shy. Our clients love the fact that we’re a small team as it gives us the ability to react and adapt, go that extra mile, work on a personal level and become integral to their in-house teams.

We help develop core global brands to maintain competitive advantage across many sectors. Of course, we can’t shout about it – everything we do is confidential. It’s not that we’re shy, we’re just honest and loyal.

This can be a challenge when pitching for new clients, but the real problem is attracting new designers. Matter is growing and we need more product and structural packaging designers, talented people who are ‘better than us’.

We’re simply honest and trusted. Once our work is out there, we’ll be shouting about it, and employing some of the best designers.

Rachael Tapping, Design strategist, Matter, Bath BA1 5DY

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