Simple switch expected to be precisely that

THE Simple range is being relaunched in anticipation of the 1997 EC directive for skincare and bathcare products to list all ingredients used. Packaging and identity are by Brewer Riddiford.

Consultancy partner John Brewer states that a large percentage of bathcare products will have to be repackaged because of the EC directive, adding that “it mainly affects the back of the pack”.

The new design, which runs across all 32 products, is set to include improved layout of product benefits and directions for use, “simplifying the task for the consumer”, says a consultancy spokeswoman.

The new look, aimed at a more sophisticated consumer market, adopts clear stylish packaging and cool colours using a somewhat stronger shade of grey, the consultancy says.

Brewer Riddiford has been working for the brand’s manufacturer Smith & Nephew since the 1980s.

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