South London mob hutches it up

It’s unclear who exactly Four IV director Tony Blurton has upset. But it’s not a hardcore branch of the mafia, that’s for sure.

It wasn’t a horse’s head left in Tony’s bed, but a trio of angora rabbits deposited on his doorstep in Clapham. They weren’t even dead, never mind decapitated. And this isn’t a lead-up to Fatal Attraction.

The long-haired bunnies were, thankfully, in a cage. But there was no heartfelt note, no clue as to their origin. What’s a guy to do? Bring ’em to the studio, of course.

The consultancy’s base proved a happy playground. Four IV’s Yvonne Kirk even gave them her sandwiches. “And that’s something I wouldn’t do for any human,” she says.

The consultancy has London Zoo as a client, but the zoo was unimpressed and didn’t want to take them.

Just as the critters looked destined for a sticky end quite unlike Watership Down, Four IV found an animal sanctuary willing to foster the future jumpers.

Now all that’s left at Four IV are the happy memories and the less appealing smell.

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