Michael Wolff becomes a hero in many people’s eyes

Mike Dempsey’s feature on Michael Wolff (DW 28 February) reminds me of the time when I was being interviewed by Wolff for a position at WH Smith Retail.

I had no idea who he was, but knew from the atmosphere in the room that his opinions were valued.

He gazed through a few leaves of my portfolio then told me about an exciting project he was involved with for a Japanese airline. I was enthralled by his energy and eccentric manner – this was what I thought every designer should aspire to be like.

Needless to say, he never finished going through my portfolio. However, a little while later I was offered a design position.

I had several enlightening encounters with Wolff while at WH Smith and even though he never remembered my name, I remembered his (that and his very distinctive style of eyewear).

Claire Billesdon

Senior designer

Emery McLaven Orr

Wiltshire SN6 7AD

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