Post Office brand still sends message to its customers

It’s disappointing to see that Interbrand director of verbal identity John Simmons has jumped on to the bandwagon of Consignia-bashing (Vox Pop, DW 28 February).

I’ve seen a few rants like this recently, and all neglect to point out two rather important points.

First of all, Post Office has not disappeared as a brand. Consignia is being used as a name for the holding company and international operations only.

And second, the Post Office is a name that cannot be used outside of the UK for legal reasons.

Much is wrong with the business of Consignia and the way the Government has tried to privatise it. But turning our criticism on the name misses the point.

As for a great name, try Northern Irish wind turnbine manufacturer Galeforce.

Chris Grannell


Grannell Marketing

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