New media expanding despite recent troubles

The new media sector is still attracting new entrants, despite high-profile withdrawals or failures by a number of the market’s players. But the mistakes made by new media pioneers seem to have been taken on board.

Retail Planning Associates is the latest to launch a new media operation. A spokeswoman says the discipline does not warrant a separate department. “We don’t think it’s its own animal. It’s a marketing tool,” she says.

With backing from its US parent company, RPA Europe has developed a software program especially for the operation of interactive kiosks. Called Trellis, it is available to any of its clients. The consultancy currently has one designer working exclusively on new media projects, with support from dedicated US staff if needed. More UK staff may be recruited if demand increases.

Meanwhile, Milk Design Group, previously a collection of five London-based “sole trader” designers who sometimes worked together, has formalised the arrangement by becoming a limited company. Based in Oswestry, Shropshire, the new media consultancy works mainly on Internet projects.

“Most companies like us seem to expand too quickly and then get scuppered,” says new business director Simon Russell. Milk uses freelance staff and keeps overheads low by its location.

The past year has seen changes in the new media market. The multimedia arm of 20/20, 1/2/1, was absorbed into its parent company, AMX Digital was bought out of liquidation by Real Time Studio and Webmedia closed its new media design operations last year.

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