Web roster for British Council

The British Council is planning to set up its first electronic media roster as a way of showcasing British design excellence.

The council’s roster is being put together by Web manager Ian Barnes and design team manager Christopher Wade. It will be finalised over the next six months.

The council operates in 110 countries. While local graphics groups are sometimes used for the council’s print work, new media design needs will be catered for from the UK, as we are a world leader in electronic media, says Wade.

The roster will be about 20-strong. “It will be dynamic and flexible enough for new entrants,” Wade adds.

The council is looking at the idea of creating some proprietary games to target more youth audiences, he says.

A roster shortlist is believed to include MetaDesign, Deep End Design, Rufus Leonard, AMX Studios and Wolff Olins.

All consultancies except Wolff Olins appeared on the council’s shortlist to review its website three months ago.

Since then, Wolff Olins has been appointed to carry out a four-month evaluation of the purpose and benefits of the British Council’s work (DW 20 March).

The council is due to select a group for its website next week.

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