A little less jargon is the best approach for brands

How good it was to see Michael Wolff’s comments on design jargon last week (Letters, DW 30 April).

And yet, in the same issue, how depressing to also see the participants in Elmwood’s otherwise admirable Digital Picnic event talking up ‘digital experiences’ (News in Depth, DW 30 April).

Why does everything have to be an ‘experience’? When I go to the shops to buy my dinner, I want sausages, not an ‘extruded pork experience’.

Likewise, I’m not interested in ‘transmedia storytelling’ – I just want to read the back of the pack to find out about happy pigs frolicking in fields or whatever it is they do.

If, as your headline suggested, brands need a new digital approach to reach consumers, can I start by suggesting that we heed Wolff’s words, and ditch the jargon and start speaking like human beings?

Roger Horberry, Copywriter, Yorkshire, by e-mail


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