14 November 1996

BDP at helm of M&S growth

Building Design Partnership is to design the world’s biggest Marks & Spencer as part of a 250m-plus investment in upgrading and expanding UK stores.

Brooks made partner

Crabtree Hall/ Plan Créatif has appointed architect Massimo Brooks as a third partner in its London office. Brooks, who has worked with the group full- time and more recently as


Bar and restaurant Goolies opens in London’s Kensington on Monday, with interiors and graphics designed by Rawls & Company.


Novocom was inspired by Middle Eastern culture for Qatar’s new television channel. The Al-Jazeera satellite channel is a news and information service broadcasting to the Middle East region and Europe.

Labour puts design on tourism trail

Design plays a vital role in new initiatives to boost tourism and hospitality in the UK announced by Labour this week. Labour’s new strategy for tourism and hospitality calls for

Blow up

Good photography is essential in creating good graphics work, so how and who do you choose? Amanda Lake gets the answers on five recent projects


Revival time: You can’t have avoided the Photoshop 4 reviews and cheap journalistic jokes about how it should have been called version 3.5. We’re working on a wish list and

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