Identica redefines a favourite ‘hot toddy’

Bell’s Red Devil, a new chilli-laced whisky, has been developed and packaged by Identica Partnership for United Distillers.

The consultancy helped in the invention of the drink for the client, with technical input from Cambridge group Generics.

According to Identica managing director Michael Peters, “It’s a whisky with red hot peppers which gives a wonderful taste”.

The 75cl bottles have large and prominent lettering specially designed for the project. There are no additional labels.

“The lettering is deeply embossed and frosted at the same time, which is a revolutionary breakthrough in terms of glass blowing,” adds Peters.

Red Devil is one of a range of new products being developed by Identica for United and follows Gin Zing and Eden’s Edge. It is the first to incorporate the embossed, label-free design.

Bottles for the whisky also depict a device taken from an old Bell’s logo which has been “refined”.

The cost, claims Peters, “is no more than that of normal bottle production”.

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