14 November 2002

What with omnipresent…

What with omnipresent Ulrika stories and Sven’s falling stock as England manager, you’re probably sick to death of all things Swedish. But hark, here’s Malmo-based group David Design skiing forth

Brandragon serves up curry sandwich range

Cambridgeshire-based consultancy Brandragon this week rolled out the initial marketing campaign and product presentation for Minara Food’s new sandwich concept, the Naanwich. The product – a curry-filled naan bread –


Nottingham-based Purple Circle has designed the 2002 annual report and accounts for the Nottingham Community Housing Association, which is published today (Thursday).

Architectural link for Fitch London

Fitch London has announced a link-up with architect and industrial designer Patrick Davies Partnership this week, which sees a combined offer – to be known as Fitch Davies – being

Vox pop

Iain Duncan Smith is facing renewed problems, with senior Tories challenging the leadership this week. His choice of branding himself as The Quiet Man seems to have backfired and is


South Yorkshire-based Rabbit Design has created a 68-page book for the Earth Centre, a 162ha visitor attraction near Doncaster.

Pearlfisher repacks Tesco ranges

Pearlfisher has created a basketful of packaging for Tesco, embracing its Fresh Fruit, Savoury Rice and Pasta & Sauce ranges, that goes on shelf from this week.

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