Punctuated reasons why designers must spellcheck

In response to Howard Milton’s letter that designers can’t spell (DW 31 October), I feel this is an unfair and sweeping statement.

I back the few brave designers who pride themselves on producing work for clients that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also delivers and drives the functional aspect aswell [sic].

As for designers not knowing where the ‘spellcheck’ is, the simple explanation is the vast number are either too engrossed with the latest filters and effects to notice content. Or they cant [sic] seem to locate it within the latest super dooper software installed on their super dooper machine.

The sooner these designers realise the significance and power of ‘words’ the sooner we can all surge forward to gain the respect we deserve of those leading design teams. Lastly, designers and punctuation ‘I couldn’t agree more’.

Jack Dhanda

Freelance designer


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