New Demon identity is a Creative Leap of faith

The UK’s first Internet service provider, Demon Internet, launched its new corporate identity this week. The image was designed by Creative Leap.

The branding specialist was appointed by Demon’s ad agency, Worth Communications. It was asked to look at the company’s brand positioning and created a logo which features a halo over the E in Demon. The original identity was developed in-house when Demon was established in 1994.

Creative Leap director Trevor Bradford says the halo acts as a “non verbal brand identifier when used over keywords in the campaign which contain an E”.

“The idea behind the identity is that of Demon by name, but not by nature’. The halo refers to the the support and service that Demon will provide,” adds creative director Mervyn Caldwell.

“While the identity is serious about communicating a superior level of service and value, it still has a knowing sense of humour about it,” says Caldwell.

Bradford says the brand reposititioning focused on the needs of consumers who are “prepared to pay for a better service and require more from their ISP than free dial-up accounts can provide. This is a particularly important service for serious Web users and businesses.”

Creative Leap also worked with Worth Communications to ensure the application of the new identity was maximised across all areas of brand communication, with the halo featuring prominently in new ads and tying in to the rest of the promotional material.

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