Eureka! exhibition draws crowds from overseas

Since there has been a certain amount of criticism of the London Design Festival, I would like to record how valuable we found the festival. Design-Nation organised Eureka! – a collection of products intended to encourage retailers to use British designers and manufacturers – and specifically launched it during the event.

Eureka! attracted an enormous amount of visitors from overseas, all of whom were in London for the festival. For example, 13 commercial officers from British embassies around the world visited our exhibition and are going to help find overseas distributors for the products.

We had meetings with the Malaysian Furniture Council, the Design Singapore Council, the organisers of LYNfabrikken, a Danish craft and design centre, all seeking our designers’ involvement in different projects. For the first time we gave interviews to the Chinese press.

We unreservedly say well done to the festival’s organisers.

Peta Levi MBE


The Design Trust and Design-Nation

London NW2

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