Identity by SFM taken as read

Sans Frontiere Marketing has created an identity, signage and interiors for the Westminster Bookshop in London.

Opened in the country’s political heart this week on the site of the former Politico’s political bookstore, the Westminster Bookshop has been launched by the publisher Methuen, which recently acquired Politico’s publishing arm.

The store will act as an outlet for its political titles along with biographical, historical and law-based books. It is believed further stores are planned.

According to SFM creative director Audrey Evans, the group was briefed to create an identity that played on the shop’s location and name.

SFM designer Chris Kingscott says he used monochrome typography ‘for impact’, and orange ‘to add warmth and depth’.

The group chose to set the hands of the clock to eight o’clock to mirror the store’s street number, says Kingscott.

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