Yi Ban interior stirred by Quiddington Revell

Quiddington Revell has created the interiors for Okay Oriental’s second Yi Ban restaurant, which opens in London’s Imperial Wharf, Chelsea next month.

The restaurant is designed to cater for a wider audience than the flagship outlet at the Royal Albert Dock, using a fusion of European and Oriental styles, according to Quiddington Revell director Stephen Quiddington.

‘The first restaurant was designed to appeal to a Chinese clientele, but most of its customers are European,’ explains Quiddington. ‘This time we have combined European design with authentic Chinese traditional materials.’

Chinese black slate, oyster slate and walnut veneer panels are among the materials used in the interiors. The open-plan format of the first restaurant has been adapted to appeal to a wider variety of customers.

The Chelsea outlet is organised into three areas – a formal dining space, a bar area and an open kitchen. The kitchen allows for different kinds of cooking, including barbecue and tepenyaki, and brings a theatrical element to the space, according to Quiddington.

‘We’ve created different atmospheres, from a formal screened space to the theatre of the open kitchen,’ he says.

Okay Oriental plans to open a third, floating restaurant in West India Quay next year.

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