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Following the success of the Fifa 2010 World Cup, which saw South Africa consider its public space, infrastructure, transport and identity, Designing South Africa has launched a multi-media site revealing stories of World Cup experiences, documented through films, imagery, podcast interviews and editorial.
Do you know what a quango is? No? Well, David McCandless, who visualised the blog called ’Information is beautiful’ has tried to answer this by creating a quango illustration that describes what they are and how many there are. It was posted on The Guardian’s data blog last week.
Which ’Aesthetics’ Do You Mean? This is the
title of artist and architect Leonard Koren’s new book, in which he poses the very interesting question of what the word means and offers us ten definitions. An excerpt from the book has been published on the Design Observer site.
Last week, Design Week’s blog looked at T-shirt design, particularly as an overlooked canvas for graphic design. Taking note of this, one of our commentators recommended this site,, promoting retro T-shirt designs which we think are of interest to designers of all persuasions.

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