Form creates marketing material for Virgin Galactic

Form has designed marketing and promotional materials for Richard Branson’s commercial space travel venture Virgin Galactic.

Form was appointed in March, following a credentials-led pitch involving four consultancies.

The consultancy was briefed to create a highquality brochure that would inspire readers while also communicating that commercial spaceflight is an imminent reality.

Form partner Paula Benson says, ’We had to show that it’s not fictitious or an exciting experiment. People have heard of Virgin Galactic, but don’t realise it’s actually happening.’

The image-led design features a full-bleed black and silver palette, and staggered borders inspired by images from the Hubble telescope which could only photograph space in sections, says Benson.

Form has chosen to use thin weights of Virgin Galactic’s typeface, which was developed by GBH Design, to create an elegant feel, says Benson.

Selected editions of the brochure will be cased in a limited-edition box featuring an image inspired by the Philippe Starck-designed Virgin Galactic iris logo.

Form partner Paul West says, ’We wanted the box to represent space, and the brochure to represent the spaceship, so we have designed a black box with an HD laminated finish to give a tactile, rubbery matt feel, revealing the high-gloss, predominantly white, brochure for an interesting combination of textures and finishes.’

The brochure includes information about technology, safety, poignant quotes about space exploration and interviews with the first passengers. It also features real pictures of Virgin Galactic test flights, rather than renders.

Benson says, ’With new images coming in all the time, the challenge was in the editing. We didn’t want it to be a weighty tome.’

Virgin Galactic
Philippe Starck created the identity for Virgin Galactic in 2005, in collaboration with GBH Design
Seymour Powell created the initial interior concepts for Virgin Galactic in 2006 and has designed the interiors for Space Ship Two
Start Creative designed the original livery for the Virgin Galactic brand, the mother ship VMS Eve and Space Ship Two

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