Future stock at RCA exhibition

You don’t need to move out of your chair to put on the corseted swimming costume. And you needn’t bend down either, as it has a front zip and pop-studs on either side.

These are important considerations for the elderly or disabled person. Sophie Goswell, fashion marketing graduate from Northumbria University, designed this “Fresh and Tranquil Swimwear” for Designs for Our Future Selves, an international exhibition held at London’s Royal College of Art last week.

It focused on products and environments that are useful to us today and will still be useful to our future selves, according to the RCA.

Exhibits included a soft and squidgy beer can designed by Aaron Frazee of the Kansas City Art Institute. Fellow Kansas designer Jennifer Googins produced a fire extinguisher which looks like a combination of golf club and shower attachment, planned to inspire “the ideal response in a panic situation”.

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