Introducing the Age of Design project – exploring how design is changing our lives

Design Week, in partnership with IBM, is launching the Age of Design project, which will investigate how businesses and other organisations are using design to change our lives.

Watch a preview of our first mini-documentary, in which we visit IKEA’s Space10 innovation lab in Copenhagen.

Design is now a key driver for businesses and organisations looking to innovate, differentiate themselves from competitors and get closer to their users.

But what do these organisations mean by design and how are they using it?

Design Week, in partnership with IBM, is embarking on the Age of Design project, in a bid to find out


Age of Design will be hosted on a special microsite, which will launch next week.

Throughout the project we will feature a series of key case studies of businesses using innovative design – from public sector organisations looking to improve their customers’ experiences to car companies using design to innovate and prepare for the future.

IKEA and Space10

Our first case study is IKEA’s Space10 innovation lab in Copenhagen, which is investigating both the future of IKEA as a company and the future of all our domestic lives.

Throughout the Age of Design project we will aim to analyse, explain and celebrate the design’s power to change, shape and improve organisations.

The Age of Design – coming soon to Design Week.

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