Design spark missing from electrical stores

Electrical retailers are failing to keep up with the products they stock in terms of design innovation and excitement, according to the latest report from retail consultant Verdict.

“Despite the innovative and dynamic nature of the products in the electrical sector, the retailers in the UK have consistently failed to translate these characteristics into the in-store environments,” reads the report.

Technological developments in digital products will, the report predicts, encourage increased consumer expenditure in this sector over the next two years, even if retailers do not prepare for it.

Differentiation between retail brands is indicated as an important factor in the sector, and the report criticises electrical retailers for the lack of choice between chains in terms of in-store environment and retail theatre.

Comet, the second largest player after Dixons Stores Group, is highlighted as missing an opportunity to make itself stand out from the market leader.

Although improving and increasing its retail outlets, the company is criticised for not taking true advantage of the ideals of its sister company, Darty, in France. Darty is a market leader offering high levels of customer service, which enables value-added sales, according to the Verdict report.

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