Dresdner Private Banking, often considered an innovator in the discrete and traditional world of private banking, has introduced a new corporate literature suite designed by London group Soukias Jones. The consultancy took Dresdner’s tradition of forward thinking as the theme for the literature, applying bold imagery and carefully written text. A range of new product brochures is to get a similar treatment.

A younger customer than usual has been targeted by a new retail format developed by Lumsden Design Partnership. The consultancy has created the retail concept for Girlheaven, aimed specifically at schoolgirls, which has opened its flagship store at the Bluewater shopping centre. The Girlheaven logo was created by Andy Ewan at Design Narrative. Working with the logo and the pocket money-priced merchandise on sale, LDP has used neon lighting and glitter to add to the young femininity of the store.

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