Ericsson launches first branded phone chain

Ericsson is launching the first extensive chain of branded retail outlets by a UK mobile phone manufacturer, in conjunction with its dealers.

The first store was unveiled last week in London’s Edgware Road. A total of 100 independent stores will be enrolled in a signage programme for completion in June.

This incorporates black illuminated exterior signage incorporating dealership names, in-store Ericsson Zones, window displays and Servicepoint extranet links to Ericsson. However, dealers will not be limited to selling just Ericsson products.

The stores are being refitted to bolster dealer loyalty and boost brand awareness as the basis for displaying product launches – the stores will be the first to feature the new Ericsson range to launched in the next few weeks.

Ericsson channel marketing manager Vijay Anand says: “Now we can take the higher ground among our competitors – the manufacturers. We are educating local executives in space management to develop their stores.”

Anand envisages that the three striped Ericsson “E-con” motif will be used to market Ericsson distinctly from other manufacturers.

Rival Nokia opens stores in Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh this week but a spokeswoman for the manufacturer says it is certainly not planning to roll out a major retail presence. It has flagship stores in London, Dublin, Paris, Vienna and Rome.

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